Project Guardianship in Portugal to End Users, Private Offices & Government

‘One-stop-shop’ Project Management with international standards and local expertise

VerdeOeste provide quality-focused Client Representation throughout every stage of capital projects. Acting as an Employers’ Agent, we provide transparent and clear communication focused on quality, budget and programme compliance, to aid informed decisions. Our multi-national team bring together their diverse professional experience to provide local and international knowledge in their approach to project delivery. VerdeOeste are happy to work with clients’ established contacts and can help to build teams to support any project.

Project management throughout every stage of capital projects

Find &

Seek investment opportunities & identify logistical, legal & budget requirements

Plan &

Determine project resources, quantification, budgeting & management of legal documentation.

Tender &

Manage tender process, inspect & coordinate the works.

Deliver &

Final snagging, preparation of technical information, handover & aftercare.

Support to foreign investors and expats coming to Portugal

VerdeOeste have been specialising in providing support to international clients in Portugal, within both residential and hospitality projects. With our MD being an expat in Portugal himself, we know exactly what the expectations and challenges are when it comes to investing or moving to this country. In addition to the work we carry out with national clients, we also offer Project Management and Client Representation services in Portugal that are tailored to foreign investors and expats.

Properties built to our standards

VerdeOeste Developments evolved in response to our team’s exposure to multiple below-standard properties where their expertise is routinely called up on to make-good poorly conceived, managed and executed projects. The team’s experience of decades providing Project Management, Construction and Real Estate expertise across a range of projects lends itself perfectly to delivering high-quality projects on a speculative and pre-purchase basis for owners an investors who want assurance and peace of mind that their investment will be in a quality product.

A message from our Managing Director

“VerdeOeste were formed in response to a demand from clients looking for clear, unbiased help and someone they could trust to represent their best interests and guide them through the process of realising their investment in capital projects. I’m delighted to offer my experience of working for an international clientele, alongside the local expertise provided by my co-founder, Luis Prudêncio, to help support clients choosing to establish themselves in this beautiful country.”

John Gilsenan