Support in property hunting and guidance throughout design, tendering and construction in Portugal

VerdeOeste combine international standards with local expertise, applied to the reality of Real Estate & Construction project management in Portugal. Our team and network of partners can support you starting from any phase, having enough flexibility to assume the kind of role and level of ownership that each project demands.

We typically start working with our clients off from very early stages, even before a property or area is identified. However, we can start a collaboration later on and either manage the formation of a new project team or integrate an existing one. We are specialised in supporting clients finding real estate opportunities in Portugal and follow the process throughout procurement, construction and final delivery.

Find & Appraise

Choose the best specialised partners to seek the Real Estate opportunities that match our client’s expectations, while identifying logistical, legal and budget variables for each option.

  • Appraise & define
  • Active search & selection of suitable assets
  • Preliminary surveys & site inspections
  • Initial consultation with local authorities
  • Development appraisals, including cost & planning options

Plan & License

Navigate through the journey of determining the necessary resources, quantifying and budgeting the project and dealing with all legal documentation.

  • Confirm Employer’s Requirements & define scope of works & roles & responsibilities
  • Manage pre-qualification, tender & selection of designers & professionals
  • Gather, appoint & monitor the project team performance against agreed roles & responsibilities
  • Quantity surveying & cost reporting
  • Consult with local authorities & monitor legal compliance
VerdeOeste - Rua do Salitre Lisboa

Salitre 142 project, construction phase start in late 2019

Tender & Build

Help choosing the right designers, contractors and suppliers, represent the client’s interests within project team meetings and inspect and coordinate the works during construction phase.

  • Initiate detailed design appraisals & design coordination reviews to conform with Employer’s Requirements
  • Manage pre-qualification, tender & selection for all works
  • Oversee all necessary submissions to local authorities & others
  • Oversee and report on design or scope amendments
  • Monitor & report on all aspects of quality, time & cost
  • Financial monitoring and assessment for all contracts

Deliver & Maintain

Coordinate the final snagging, prepare all the technical information and warranties before the final handover and coordinate maintenance services throughout the utilisation phase.

  • Monitor project completion and close-out, including final statutory licensing procedures
  • Oversee handover of the works & preparation of all necessary technical information
  • Oversee final inspections and sign-off by local authorities
  • Report on final settlement of all contracts

Quinta de Valmarinha, a boutique rural hotel development to be implemented in Sintra

Sustainability Advice

We can offer support throughout the process to guide on options and decisions for more sustainable solutions. We are; connected with the national system and certification LiderA; co-founder of Rede Construção Sustentável and co-founder of Cultura de 0 supplying Hempcrete and bio-based construction materials in Portugal.

  • We believe that sustainability is integral to every project and conversations should start at the beginning, therefore we suggest Design Charrettes at the different stages.
  • Defining a sustainability agenda
  • We can partner with the LiderA standard and system to offer certification and ensuring a broad holistic approach is considered throughout the different development phases of the life cycle: (1) from the idea to the plan; (2) project, (3) new construction, (4) operation, and (5) refurbishment, even in the (6) demolition.
  • We can offer specialist support in material choices. Analysing, comparing and explaining the sustainability of materials used including the carbon footprint in comparison to product performance (Life Cycle Analysis).
  • Promoting and advising on biogenic carbon (carbon sequestration) materials; regenerative and bio-based materials. I.e. materials that have a positive impact environmentally. This is another key area of embodied energy and carbon assessment.
  • How these materials alter the design and structure
  • Passive solar design
  • Thermal mass in buildings
  • Energy and Mass flows in Buildings
  • Energy Saving in buildings
  • Ventilation and cooling
  • Principles of lighting
  • Solar Gains
  • Daylighting, lighting
  • Movement of moisture in building fabric
  • Relative humidity, internal moisture control and moisture buffering
  • Computer simulation of thermal and hygroscopic building performance
  • Low and zero carbon buildings; advise on certifications.