Primeira Vista


VerdeOeste are supporting the South Africa-based developer client through all phases of the project, acting as Employers’ Representative. Our range of services cover programming, procurement, quality & budget, reporting on design development, licensing, planning, tendering and project delivery.

Works are progressing well, with the first phase of 8 residences (from the proposed 24) now underway with piled foundations and ‘floating’ bases being carefully placed within the natural landscape. VerdeOeste have been working closely with award-winning Designers, Mima Housing and Client to ensure the properties are positioned to enjoy the best of the majestic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the São Lourenço Bay Nature Reserve. VerdeOeste have also dealt with land acquisition queries to verify boundaries, land use and negotiations with the local municipality and authorities to secure all necessary licenses and available fiscal incentives.

Due to the challenging and remote nature of the site, each property is being prefabricated off-site in the north of Portugal.

VerdeOeste have provided clarity, calm surety and unbiased, trustworthy advice throughout every phase of the process, for which we are extremely grateful. 

– Hugo Stroud (Client)

The development project

Situated in the central Atlantic Ocean, bathed by the warm gulf stream current is the Azores Archipelago. Volcanic in origin, these islands are the western most extent of Europe and an independently governed region of Portugal. The Azores are a perfect leisure destination. A mild climate, diversity of breathtaking landscapes, welcoming people, an authentic world heritage gastronomy, a wide range of services and facilities and easy access from most large centres in Europe and North America, are some of the reasons that make the Azores one of the more unique destinations in Europe.

In the southernmost portion of the Archipelago lies Santa Maria Island, one of the most beautiful and unexplored islands. Known as the ‘Sunshine Island’, it has privileged geography, protected nature, sandy beaches, and a rural ambience that make it a unique place like no other in Europe.

Designed to offer comfort and quality, but keeping the naturalness of the site, Primeira Vista is defined as an exclusive project in collaboration with MIMA Housing, which respects nature and privacy. 24 residences have been carefully implanted in the natural landscape, respecting natural ambience with majestic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the São Lourenço Bay Nature Reserve.

Designed with simplicity in mind, each self-catering residence is served by a central reception and common swimming pool. To complement the coastal living there is access to the beach club situated on the beach, nestled among the vineyards at nearby São Lourenço.

The island of Santa Maria

Video by Pedro Areias